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Corporate & Business Law

We provide general business legal advice to clients ranging from sole proprietorships to large corporations and limited liability companies. We can assist you from your initial formation and start-up phase through the many legal issues that a mature entity can face. We apply a cost-effective, pragmatic, and result-orientated approach to working with you. Business owners and managers are busy, with many other tasks filling their day other than working with their lawyer. We recognize that your time is valuable, and we want to be efficient in working with you to achieve successful results. We regularly assist our clients with handling various legal issues which commonly confront businesses, including the following:


  • Corporation (for-profit, non-profit & professional corporations) and limited liability company (LLC) formation
  • Preparation, review & revisions to all manner of contracts
  • Asset and stock acquisitions or sales
  • Review and/or preparation of Board of Director/Shareholder/Manager Minutes
  • Assistance with corporate governance issues and operational matters
  • Strategic business affiliations
  • Working closely with the businesses’ tax and accounting professionals
  • Non-litigation dispute resolution, including mediation and preparation of settlement


  • Obtaining various forms of financing, including negotiations and document preparation/review

  • Coordination with litigation counsel for disputes which go into litigation

  • Partnership/Joint Venture formation and dissolution

Real Estate Transactions

We routinely work on a variety of real estate related matters, involving a wide range of different types of real estate. This includes the purchase/sale of commercial buildings and unimproved land. We also draft and review many commercial leases, both for owners and lessees of commercial real estate. We represent clients in the following types of real estate transactions:


  • Purchases and sales of commercial real estate, including freestanding buildings, land, office condominiums, etc.
  • Negotiation and contract preparation/review for leases of commercial real estate space. This may involve representing the owner of the underlying property being leased, or the party interested in leasing the specific property, office or industrial space, etc.

Contract Law

Attorney Ziprick has been involved with the drafting, reviewing, revising and negotiating literally 1,000s of contracts during his career, from the most complex contracts that can exceed 100+ pages, to relatively simple contracts of only a few pages. Contracts are a critical part of business and life, and are the foundation for many legal obligations and responsibilities.


While no contract can take into account every possible circumstance that will ever arise in the future, having a contract thoroughly reviewed before you sign it, particularly when the obligations or amounts at stake are significant, is highly recommended. A fairly common occurrence is that a new client comes into the office when a dispute has already arisen over a contract they signed previously. Often there are provisions in the contract in question which they either were not aware of or did not understand, provisions which can have very detrimental impact. For example, the implications of indemnification provisions, guarantees, attorney’s fees provisions, etc., may not have been fully appreciated when signing the contract.


A Word of Wisdom - often proactive work on the contract prior to signing the document can avoid much more costly and disruptive litigation down the road. Further, depending on whether you are the purchaser or seller of a business, a piece of equipment, or real estate, for example, there is a vast difference in what provisions should be of most concern to you.


Attorney Ziprick has also been involved in many successful contract dispute resolution processes, where the goal has been to resolve the disagreement, without the necessity of litigation or arbitration, and the major expense and stress that such processes entail.

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